Substitute for Alcohol

I drink partly to control anxiety. I want to see if marijuana will give me some of the benefits of alcohol without the significant negatives. I'm completely new to marijuana. This week I tried a sublingual tincture with an 18:1 ratio of CBD to THC. I got no benefit from it. Next I tried one with a 2:1 ratio. I do feel some calming but I had to use a lot to get it. 1:1 is next. Anyone have thoughts on any of this?

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  • People have reported in research studies that the 1:1 ratio allows them to both relieve pain and sleep better. 

    The 1:1 ratio is fantastic product and I would recommend you trying it. You are honing in what level of psychoactivity works for you which is good. You may find you prefer different products for the daytime and night time, perhaps something like a 2:1 during the day to take the edge off without to much psychoactivity, while at night you prefer a 1:1 or indica cartridge since THC is what is making you sleepy, not the CBD. 


    Other things you need to keep track of - when you used the CBD tincture you mentioned how many milligrams did you dose yourself with? 


    If you review some of the research papers on this website you will find people using a range of dosages, often times much higher in the literature than what lay people in dispensaries are recommending people try. 

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  • Don Davidson Thanks, Don. It's expensive trying a lot of products but I'm thinking of giving this one a try: BTW... I take 150mg Effexor/day for depression.

  • I'm glad you mentioned dosage. I don't know what to make of that. It looks like the whole bottle of Care By Design's 1:1 sublingual spray contains less than 20mg. Meanwhile, looking at some of the edibles, I see a single fudge bar that contains 1000mg!

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