Anxiety is worsening

Hi! A couple of months ago I got a medical marjuana clearance from Dr. Davidson for anxiety. From your business I received my verified letter. I ordered a card however, that never came. It’s been very difficult trying to purchase medical cannabis for my anxiety without the card so I was just wondering when I should expect to get it... it has been months. I have tried reaching out to your email but have yet to get a response. Thank you. 


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  • Hey - not sure what email you messaged, but send one to and the team will get your card right out to you :)

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  • Don Davidson Thank you! I just sent the email! 

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  • Don Davidson 

    Update: I messaged the email you gave me about a week and a half ago and then a couple days ago and I have yet to receive a reply. Is there another way I can communicate with the staff or yourself? 

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  • Taylor what email are you sending from so we can check?

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  • My letter expired about a week ago and according to your website I was to have received  a renewal reminder. I didn’t receive anything and since your app is down I’m not sure how to get the appt to renew?  

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  •  Hi Cynthia Cynthia Thompson - Our technology partner Eaze unfortunately did a poor job with their technology development so I am currently building out new technology that will be up and running in a month or so independently of Eaze technology.  

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  • Taylor Hi Taylor - Emailed you back - again this morning - you should be able to buy cannabis without an ID card with no problem - let the admin team know what you need and they will check on the ID card purchase for you

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  • Don Davidson Don Davidson so you are unable to renew my certificate until you are finished with that?  Obviously I cannot wait for that so if that’s the case I will go elsewhere.. there is one right across the street from the dispensary

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  • Don Davidson Great! I responded to your email. I hope to hear from your admin soon! 

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  • Cynthia Thompson Hey there yes indeed I would just grab a rec someplace else while I finish building my new state of the art telemedicine system! :)

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  • legit website to buy medical cannabis, Moon rock, vape cartridge

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