Common Cannabinoids and their respective boiling points

As the methods and technology surrounding concentrates and extracts, (relative to their routes of consumption) is endlessly advancing, it is increasingly important for us to remain contemporary in our understanding of how to best utilize these new tools to their fullest potential. Furthermore, according to the research, science has unveiled specific cannabinoids to be individual catalysts in the modulation of many internal processes.  I feel that considering this concept, it would stand to reason that we make note of the boiling points of certain beneficial cannabinoids, and see if heating your e-nail to levels that correspond to these boiling points could be complimentary to the conditions for which you medicate to relieve. 

  1. Pinene/ 311*F
  2. THC/315*F
  3. Caryophyllene/320*F
  4. Myrcene/334*F
  5. Limonene/349*F
  6. CBD/356*F
  7. CBN/365*F
  8. Linalool/388*F
  9. THCv/428*F
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