Hi, dr. Don.  I have been using "Kannaway" brand CBD oil made from Hemp but have heard that the CBD should be from the marijuana "flower". What is the difference in the two? I don't necessarily want to " get high" but  I was told that CBD hemp oil is good for general health and to help me with sleep.  I want to know if it's really worth it to be doing this! In general, I am very healthy.

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  • CBD from hemp is a debated topic now. Ideally, if you can source cannabis derived CBD its better because the amount of hemp that has to be used to extract any amount of CBD is vast and there are concerns of poor techniques being used, lots of Chinese CBD from hemp with concerns for heavy metal contamination is being imported. 


    CBD from cannabis comes from plants bred to produce high levels of CBD, now approaching 8-16% plus in some cultivars where there is tiny amounts of CBD in true industrial hemp. 


    First question is why can't you sleep if healthy? Anxiety? 


    How many mg of CBD are you taking? How often?


    CBD can take away your anxiety and help a number of other issues which can lead you to sleep better. So if CBD is working for you in that regard good., however CBD all by itself will not sedate or make you sleepy necessarily. 


    THC is the compound that can help shorten the time it takes you to get to sleep. THC also has lots of great things it can be used for. 

    Remember "getting high" and giving THC a bad rap is uneducated language to use.  

    Some people do not enjoy the psychoactive effects of THC, just like some do not like the psychoactive effects of alcohol. Neither substance is necessarily "bad" if used in moderation.  Many people enjoy the euphoria THC induces, and there is nothing wrong with that, Cannabis clearly has much less harmful side effects for adults than alcohol. Many people in the hospital are "high" on opiates. Ambien and other sleep aids have side effects. 

    So a little THC may help you sleep, a lot of THC may make you uncomfortably "high". 

    Perhaps start with some low doses and see what helps the best. Ask more questions if needed. 

  • http://file.scirp.org/pdf/PP_2015021016351567.pdf

    To clairfy, some lay people refer to CBD isolate as hemp CBD. There is research and more coming supporting why you want to use FULL SPECTRUM CBD, not just a CBD isolate. See above research article. 

  • I am Via and I think I've been suffering from depression and I've been dealing with it for a few months ago. And a friend told me that have I try Marijuana as an alternative relief then my husband gives a pot then I felt something inside me that I've never been felt before. At first, my breathing was difficult because I don't smoke but later on, I coped with it. now we're doing research and I've read an article about this strain kylekushman.com/topic/digital-ballast-ans-bulbs/ and found seeds.

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