Dr.D...I once was considered to be an elite US ARMY soldier.

To be stripped of all your selfworth and dignity because I was in need of help. I was a young 2nd lieutenant in the elite US ARMY and suffered 15years with debilitating pain,PTSD,chronic diseases such as anxiety and insomnia,open heart surgery, mitral valve prosthetic and body ridden by compartment syndromes.  

Only to be subjected to a cocktail of drugs the VA deem necessary for my cure. Opioid, benzodiazepines, tranquilizers, mood stablizers,and sleeping pills that carry you down a dark and lonesome road to destruction and loss of selfworth, dignity, honor, integrity, and duty. 

All the Soldier's Moral Code of Conduct shoot straight to hell!

I'm seeking help and to break the chains of this addictive lifestyle of being alone, isolation, and denial. This numbing cocktail of a pill mill has only brought destruction and mental angwish to the doorstep of a once proud United States Army 2nd lieutenant. 

My question to you is, does the Dap and Dip methods work for such ailments as mine. And does the CBD and THC oil come with the package?

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  • I would like to try the disposal dap pen. Unless you have another choice to advise.  I'm on a fixed income so money I definitely a factor, but I want my life back. I spend countless hours sleeping away my life and numbing effect of such drugs 

  • Hey there!

    Thanks for your service first of all. 

    The THC containing products are only available through legal dispensaries. 

    There is promising research about CBD and how it may help with anxiety, depression, pain. I would try something where you are taking a baseline dosage orally of CBD and carrying a CBD vape pen if you are in a state where only CBD is legal. Will post more ideas after work today.

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