Chronic Relief Ch. 1

Nishi Whiteley begins her passion piece by informing the reader that Chronic Relief was only intended to be a cookbook. A kitchen piece that turned into a 300 page research book tells its reader that Miss. Whiteley was writing during a transformative time in her life. Her mother had fallen ill to cancer and watching the disease take her over was unbearable to the family.  When it came to cannabis as a medicine Nishi's family were like most Americans, skeptical. In fact, it took her till the near end of her life after all the suffering to resort to the plant.  As a resort of consuming the plant through  the form of edibles, Nishi was pleased to inform us that her mother had regained her appetite and had, lost her pain, nausea and agitation. 

Although cannabis did so much for her mother, the family still felt that they needed to stay hush-hush about it. Even swearing her fiance to secrecy. 

Looking back, Miss. Whitely informs us that her biggest regret was how long she waited to have her mother try cannabis. 


The fact that Nishi turned a cookbook into an educational piece is quite intriguing as a reader. At this point I can only imagine the profound benefits that were brought to her sick mother to the point where she spent a few years of her life dedicating herself to the plant.

I cant seem to wrap my head around why they were still afraid to admit that cannabis was helping her mother deal with cancer. It seems as if America was heavily conditioned to think the exact opposite of what the plant is actually good for. 

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